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Do you want me to make adoptables, and if so, what kind? 

4 deviants said Maybe an adoptable dragon? Or any other creature, really.
3 deviants said No adoptables, please. Those are unoriginal and boring.
2 deviants said I'd like adoptable drakes.
2 deviants said Make adoptable maps! You make it, I'll name it and give it a background.
1 deviant said Yes, adoptables! :D I don't care what kind!
1 deviant said How about adoptable dracons?
1 deviant said What about adoptable planets? Hardly anyone else has those.
Again. In the same year as the Charlie Hebdo attack, Paris was attacked by Islamic terrorism. Again. The terrorists will never win. France isn't going to give up its freedoms and back down in the face of this, and neither will the wider Western World. This attack is worse than pointless, it is outrageous, cowardly, stupid, and terrible. Killing over 150 people for absolutely no good reason. The idiots who committed this atrocity fear the advance of humanity. They are threatened by freedom, as they know that their ideology is hopelessly backward. Stoning people to death. Amputations of criminals' limbs. Demolishing women's rights. Murdering religious minorities. I could go on. No matter how much they view themselves as the victims and blame the West, Jews, and "Crusaders", these terrorists are 100% to blame and are 100% in the wrong. The West has done absolutely nothing to deserve this. None.



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Operating System: Windows 7
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Personal Quote: The unexamined life is not worth living

Update on requests, art trades, commissions, etc:

I may be starting a new part-time job soon, one that has enough hours to be called half-time (20 or so a week), on top of my current position. As such, my output here will be slowed.

I have enough time atm for two more requests or commissions. I am already working on one for a friend here.

1. :icondraconic13: Request: Another Short Story. Working on it.

2. :iconfroexd: Request: A planet picture. Working on it.


:iconpointcommissionsopen: :icongiftsask: :icontradesask: :iconcollabsask: :iconrequestsask:

* New information on commissions will be forthcoming soon enough, including paypal commissions. Point commissions will still be an option too, but only for some things *

If you are interested in a picture, contact me and we can work something out on a case-by-case basis. I'm not sure how much time I will have for commissioned pictures, picture requests, or collaborations. I intend to do some of those, however.

I also do writing commissions. If you want me to write a story, a piece done involving your OCs, or something else, please message me. I only accept point commissions, and at a reasonable rate of 100 points for 1000 words, with a 100 point minimum purchase. That means if you want 1000 words, it is 100 points, and if you want 2000 words, it is 200 points. If you want 3000 words, that is 300 points, and 4000 words, 400 points, and so on. These are point commissions only, so no cash is accepted or used, save to purchase the points yourself from DA first. This is a slight price change from an earlier journal, but it is still very reasonable.

Please make sure to tell me a bit about what you want me to write, the names of any characters you want to see, and please answer any questions I may have regarding the setting and characters, to ensure the final product is what you want. I don't do anime, manga, "hetalia", or anything adult rated. I reserve the right to politely decline any commission, if I have reason to believe it does not fit standards or has some other issues.

I can do science fiction as well as fantasy, or even non-fiction genres if you desire. Just make sure to send the points and I will have the piece done in a few days or in the case of longer pieces, a week or more. As a rule of thumb, I have enough time to write 1,000 to 1,500 words a day for commissions, depending on the subject matter. For exceptionally long pieces (100,000 + words), please send me a note and we will work out a point rate and time frame on a case-by-case basis.

For multiple-chapter works, I am open to negotiating a different price, Please ask if you have any questions. More information will be posted as it becomes available, including the possibility of discounts.

If you are interested, comment below or send me a note.

Anyone who watches me (and is on good terms with me) gets a free writing of up to 5000 words. Not once a year or a month, just one free writing ever. As before, I reserve the right to politely decline anything not in good taste. I also recently corrected an error in the pricing chart, in case there was any confusion.


Aristodes has started a donation pool!
805 / 1,500
I have another commission to do, so I increased my goal.

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1. They oppose freedom of speech. When someone says something they don't like, calling it "hate speech."
2. They cannot stand ideas which contradict them, which is why they hide in "safe spaces."
3. They label their opponents "bigots", no matter what the actual views of their opponents are.
4. They try to turn colleges into their home, trying to close their minds rather than open them.
5. They wish to infantilize universities by placing "trigger warnings" or outright banning material which they disapprove of, such as Greek mythology.
6. They claim to speak for everyone who isn't white, male, or straight.
7. They claim that any minorities or women who disagree with them are suffering from "internalized misogyny" or other form of self-hatred.
8. They cannot back up their claims with facts.
9. They push for censorship of information they do not like, as their claims cannot stand up to scrutiny.
10. They consider consensus more important than the truth. In other words, if a lot of SJWs agree with a statement, they will defend it, even if the facts prove it false.
11. They have banned comedians from many college campuses.
12. They care more about video games than actual harm committed against women and minorities.
13. They seek to ban journalists who might shed light on their misdeeds (just look up Melissa Click and the student journalist).
14. They form into mobs and launch loud protests in which they declare themselves to be victims, even when little or nothing has occurred.
15. They claim to be victims in spite of generally being better off than the general population.
16. They vastly overreact to any criticism of their policies.
17. They have gotten university presidents fired for doing nothing wrong.
18. They make lists of demands on universities for ridiculous reasons, then invade campus offices and go on hunger strikes when they don't get their way.
19. They have been caught lying about incidents at colleges just to get money and/or attention.
20. They judge people based on skin color and gender,
21. They think that women and minorities cannot be biased against men and white people, respectively.
22. They think that they have the right to redefine terms. Seriously, they think that racism and sexism is "bias plus power", and that minorities and women lack power so they "cannot be sexist."
23. They take offense to perfectly innocuous statements. That sort of thing is called a dog whistle.
24. They think sensitivity enables them to suppress the truth.
25. They never reflect on the rightness of their actions or even consider the possibility that they are wrong.
26. They demand that journalists declare loyalty to their cause. Really. Google it if you don't believe me. Seriously, they think neutrality is an attack on them.
27. They are narcissistic, petty, vengeful, loud, bossy, shrill, and see the world in black-and-white terms. That last one is both literal and metaphoric.
28. They very rarely if ever take responsibility when something goes wrong, blaming "the system" instead.
29. They would consider the same treatment they show to others as oppression, but are blind to their blatant hypocrisy.
30. They rarely know what actual struggle and hardship are like, so they are hypersensitive when anything gets in their way.
31. They have terrible taste in video games, preferring Gone Home over Fallout 4. Yeah, this one is somewhat subjective, but Fallout 4 is widely held to be a very good game.
32. They segregate themselves by race and gender by kicking out whites and men from their groups.  
33. They compare their imagined oppression to persecution which minorities suffer from at the hands of ISIS.
34. They want attention all of the time, even getting upset when media focus on the Paris attacks took them out of the spotlight for a week or so.
35. They have a tremendous sense of entitlement despite denouncing entitlement.
36. They think that science fiction has a duty to support their far-left viewpoints. Just look at the Sad Puppies campaign.
37. When SJWs get into the media, they collude and repeat the same phrases over and over in hopes of smothering dissent. Just look at the "Gamers are Dead" articles.
38. For all of their rhetoric against hatred, they are clearly haters themselves. They hate anyone who dares speak against them.
39. They construct bogus strawman arguments when attempting to address legitimate criticism.
40. They have attacked people who support racial equality, even going so far as to attack US presidential candidates who they feel don't go far enough. Seriously, they have hijacked political rallies before, forcing their way onto the stage and shouting at anyone who protests this.
41. They have been known to attack religious people simply for their faith.
42. They have even attacked older feminists for not agreeing with them.
43. They are the most intolerant people around, despite their demands for tolerance. They want tolerance for themselves, but will not tolerate anyone else.
44. They have demanded money for doing very little work, and have sometimes even received tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for almost no effort. Just look at Feminist Frequency. It's a scam on an epic level.
45. They say some crazy nonsense. Just do a quick Google search. Arthur Chu's "mindkill" rant is a good place to start. And "nonsense" is a nice way of saying it.
46. They believe that victims automatically possess moral superiority. This is why they try so hard to paint themselves as victims. Weaponizing victimhood. Truly, it is hard to get any lower than that.
47. They want to censor the internet because they don't like what they see there. This is like some of the earlier points, I know.
48. They take advantage of good impulses in people (such as the desire not to be racist) and twist them to achieve their own ends. Like a scam artist who pretends to be blind to get donations. Or a privileged white woman who claims to be a victim in order to get money in exchange for producing low-quality videos in which she rants about video games.
49. They get the facts wrong most of the time when they explain just about anything.
50. Ultimately, they suck because they are liars who want to take away other people's rights.

Bonus: They compare gamers to terrorists.
50 Reasons why SJWs Suck
Even if you don't agree with these, you can't prove that these are wrong.

Think I'm mis-characterizing them? Just read this:

And watch this. Please.…
Protasius and Nisa by Aristodes
Protasius and Nisa
Protasius, the male plain drake, meets with the female dracon Nisa. Here they are at an oasis in the dracon lands, and they seem to be getting along quite well.

It's better than what I could do 6-8 months ago, but Nisa still looks like she has clown feet. Gotta work on bipeds more.
A Rude Awakening
A female dracon is suddenly awoken, with just enough time to put on her loincloth before getting up. What woke her up? Why is she upset? What does that tattoo mean? You decide. :)

Rated for badly-drawn toplessness.


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